Rehearsal Observation

Our Rehearsal Observation program allows young artists to sit in on rehearsals for our productions, alongside our directors and creative team members. Perfect for emerging directors, playwrights and theatre-makers, this free program gives a glimpse behind the director’s table, and a chance to see some of Canberra’s most exciting new pieces of theatre in progress. The two productions currently open for observation are Work, But This Time Like You Mean It and the Department of Responsible Adulting.

This program is open to ages 16–25 and can help young artists:

  • Demystify the work of making theatre.
  • Observe how artists communicate in the rehearsal room.
  • Ask emerging and professional artists of different disciplines about their creative process.
  • See how a Canberra Youth Theatre show comes together.

We can’t wait to see you in the rehearsal room!

Work, But This Time Like You Mean It

Work, But This Time Like You Mean It is a darkly surreal comedy about young people’s first experiences in the workplace. It’s about having a good work ethic on less-than-minimum wage. It’s about perseverance when you just want to curl up under the counter and cry. It’s an unhinged, deep-fryer-dive into deeply human relationships, forged within the most alienating of circumstances.

It’s fricken tasty.



The Department of Responsible Adulting

Commandeering a real office space in Canberra, this site-specific interactive performance reverses the power dynamic between adult and child, taking audiences into the belly of a new public service run entirely by children.

The Department of Responsible Adulting is an inventive, anarchic, immersive new work created by Canberra Youth Theatre that will promote intergenerational conversations and empower young people. Literally. They have lanyards.