Rhiley Winnett

Rhiley Winnett Production Manager

Rhiley Winnett is a passionate, emerging stage manager,
dedicated to working with young people and giving them the
respect and opportunities that they may not be presented
with otherwise. Rhiley has worked as stage manager on nine
shows with Canberra Youth Theatre over the last few years
including: Normal (2020), Little Girls Alone in the Woods
(2021), Two Twenty Somethings Decide Never To Be Stressed
About Anything Ever Again. Ever. (2021), Dags (2022), The
Initiation (2022), How to Vote! (2022), Soul Trading (2022),
The Trials (2023) and You Can’t Tell Anyone (2023). Rhiley
was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to continue working
with Canberra Youth Theatre as stage manager for their 2023
shows, and as part of their 2023 Resident Artist program.