Helen Wojtas

Helen Wojtas Administrator

Helen Wojtas works as both an administrator and costumier in the Canberra region. Helen holds a MBA (Arts and Cultural Management, Deakin University 2022), and graduated in 2015 from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Costume Construction), as well as completing a BArts (Gender, Sexuality and Culture) (Hons)/BSc (Psychology) (ANU 2011).

Helen started her administrative career in hotels, working in Canberra, Perth, and Melbourne before returning to her hometown in 2017. Helen has worked with both established and new theatre companies, combining her skills as a costumier and professional experience as an administrator to many of her roles. Her unique skillset has allowed her to work across a variety of performing arts, including acting, musical theatre, physical theatre, circus, ice dancing, contemporary dance, ballet and opera. Her professional work as a costumier has allowed her to work in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Helen continues to create bespoke costumes for dance, circus, and ice dance performers in the Canberra region.

Helen brings a passion for youth arts to all her work. Thanks to a childhood spent immersed in the youth arts scene in Canberra, Helen experienced the positive impacts of youth arts for herself . She found her experience within Canberra Youth Music (formerly Canberra Youth Orchestra Society, now Music For Canberra) invaluable, and understands the importance of providing the next generation of Young Artists with the experiences within the arts.Helen continues to be involved in the Canberra arts scene, as a member of a circus training school, and a violist within the National Capital Orchestra, and as a costumier. Helen is passionate about youth arts, and brings her unique skill set of administration and experience in the theatre industry to Canberra Youth Theatre.