For almost 50 years, Canberra Youth Theatre has worked with young people across all aspects of theatre and inspired generations of theatre makers.

Engaging with our alumnus is important to us, particularly inviting these practitioners back to work with our young artists on productions and in workshops. We are excited to welcome back playwrights, actors, directors and designers, providing a valuable pathway and ensuring our young people see that a career in the arts is a viable and rewarding option.

We would also love to hear from alumnus that have not taken an artistic career path and found that Canberra Youth Theatre was a building block to the people they became today.

We would love to connect with as many of our past members as possible. Click below to share your story and join our alumni list. You can also join our Alumni Facebook group to reconnect with other alumni.

Liv Hewson

“I was 14 when I took my first workshop with CYT and 10 years later I still find myself coming back to the skills I learned and the memories I made there. CYT is truly where I learned how to be an actor. I will treasure my experience there forever.” Liv Hewson Actor

Tommy Murphy

“Canberra Youth Theatre first introduced me to the rigour and thrill of developing a stage play. That teenage experience of workshopping my first script and communicating to an audience stays with me today in my professional practice. I can still smell the theatre at Gorman Arts Centre where these exciting new challenges were housed.” Tommy Murphy Playwright and Screenwriter.

Tasnim Hossain

“Canberra Youth Theatre is where I first started learning how to write for the theatre and met others who really loved telling stories in the same way. There were lots of steps along the way but it still amazes me that ten years on from my first CYT workshop, I get to work as a professional playwright, often with people I met there.” Tasnim Hossain Playwright and Screenwriter

Jonathan Gavin

“I joined Canberra Youth Theatre when I was 14, and I knew from the very first day that what I wanted from my life was to make theatre, from the ground up. Acting in scripted plays was fun, but the process of creating work through improvisation and movement, with other people my own age, was the biggest thrill of all. I use the skills and mindset of Canberra Youth Theatre – discipline, playfulness, collaboration – every day, whether I’m working as an actor or a writer.” – Jonathan Gavin Actor and Writer

Noémie Huttner-Koros

“Canberra Youth Theatre is a wonderful, supportive environment that challenges you and takes your artistic practice, ideas and expression seriously. Thanks for being an awesome space for me to first learn about theatre and performance. It has totally shaped my outlook, perspective and practice since then.” – Noémie Huttner-Koros performance-maker & dramaturg

Mary Rachel Brown

“Canberra Youth Theatre was a crucial building block for my career in the theatre. Self-knowledge and curiosity about human behavior are essential to a performer and playwright. The tutors at Canberra Youth Theatre helped me define my strengths and development needs.  It was at Canberra Youth Theatre I first became aware of the discipline and heart involved in creating good theatre. It was a time when I was required to back my dreams with effort, focus and practical application. It was a time when my decision to pursue a career in the arts was nurtured and flourished. I am now a professional freelance playwright, and I am so grateful to all my foundations as an artist, I reflect on them often. Canberra Youth Theatre was a place where my passion and drive were taken seriously, this is no small thing for a young person who is looking at the herculean task of forging a career in the arts.”Mary Rachel Brown playwright.