Caitlin Baker

Caitlin Baker Development and Communications Coordinator

Caitlin first encountered Canberra Youth Theatre as a workshop participant at 16 years old, and has since worked her way through the ranks of participating artist, Workshop Artist, Resident Artist, production Director – all the way to her current position of Digital Communications Coordinator. As a long time member of the Canberra Youth Theatre community, Caitlin is a staunch advocate for both the arts and young people, and is determined to help young people access the same opportunities in the arts that have helped her become the artist she is today.  She is deeply dedicated to increasing the diversity and reach of local performance works and artists. 

Alongside this work, Caitlin also lives and works on Ngunnawal and Ngambri land as an actor, director and dramaturg – championing storytelling in every aspect of her life. You might have seen her work in Canberra Youth Theatre shows How to Vote, Carpe DM, You Can’t Tell Anyone, as well as at ACTHub productions The Boys, and Seagull. 

In her journey as an artist, Caitlin has become deeply attuned to how important digital communication is to sharing the value of the arts, and reaching those whose stories deserve to be told. Authentic communication is the first step to letting someone know they could belong somewhere like Canberra Youth Theatre. Her extensive experience in volunteer spaces at the Australian National University, both running companies and managing marketing, has prepared her for the exciting challenge before her. Whether she is working in InDesign, crafting the perfect social media caption, or taking photos of young artists, Caitlin is always deeply invested in figuring out how exactly we can make people care.