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Enrolling in a Workshop

When do workshops open for enrolment and begin?

Enrolments can be made on a semester or yearly basis. Payment options include single or dual semester payments or for the entire year. Enrolments for each semester generally open roughly four weeks prior to the commencement of the semester. Our workshop programs run by semester and are in line with ACT school dates. The start and finish dates for our workshops this semester are displayed in each individual workshop description. If you would like a reminder or would like to stay up to date with our workshops and productions, please subscribe to our eNewsletter or like our Facebook page.

How long do I enrol for?

Enrolments are made on a semester or yearly basis. Our intake points are the beginning of Term 1 and Term 3. We have payment options on a year, semester or bi-semester basis.

I’ve moved to Canberra in the middle of a semester – can I still get involved?

Generally, we do not take enrolments in the middle of a semester. However, give us a call on 02 6248 5057 or send an email to programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au and we see what might be possible.

Should I get in early? What if I miss out on a place?

Our enrolments are processed on a first come, first served basis and we have a maximum of 16 participants per workshop (this may vary according to social distancing requirements). 

If the workshop you want to enrol in is full, please put your name on the waiting list. We aim to have as many participants as possible in our workshops, and will open additional workshops if there is sufficient demand.

Generally, we do not reserve places for workshops so please ensure you enrol online or contact us as soon as possible. Places do fill up quickly! 

If you have previously been enrolled in a workshop that is now full, please contact us by phone or email to discuss your situation – we might be able to find a creative solution!

If you miss out on a School program you may wish to consider coming to our workshops at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres or Belconnen Arts Centre.

Do you have waiting lists?

Yes, we do. If a workshop becomes fully enrolled, we encourage you to put your name on the waiting list so we know that you are interested! We want our workshops to be accessible to as many people as possible – and if we have extra interest, we may be able to open another workshop! We don’t know about demand unless you tell us!

I enrolled in last semester’s workshops and want to continue to next term. Does my enrolment carry over?

If you enrolled for a semester, your enrolment does not carry over.

If you enrolled and paid for a full year, your enrolment will carry over from semester 1 to semester 2.

You must re-enrol online or contact our office on 02 6248 5057.

Can you reserve a place in a workshop if I can’t pay or I’m not sure right now?

Although we do not generally reserve places in our workshop without payment, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact our office on 02 6248 5057 to discuss your options.

What if I don’t want to enrol online?

Please contact our office for further assistance either by calling 6248 5057 or emailing programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au. Only once we receive completed enrolment details and the payment required can we confirm your place in a workshop.

How do I know my enrolment is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation to the email address you provide us. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us as soon as possible. You will also receive an email 2 days before the start of the semester confirming the date and time of your workshop, and other important details.

What if the workshop I’ve enrolled in is cancelled?

Proposed workshops may be cancelled due to an inadequate number of participants. In the event that this occurs, we will let you know and where possible move you to an available workshop, or refund any payments made.

In the rare event that an individual workshop session is cancelled, the cost of that session will be refunded pro rata.

General workshop information

What does a Canberra Youth Theatre workshop look like?

Canberra Youth Theatre’s workshops are tailored to the age group, and specific participants in each workshop. Most workshops follow an overall structure of a warm up, creative play and exercises to introduce a skill or technique, followed by the creation or rehearsal of a performance work, and then a cool down. 

Our workshops are delivered by professional Workshop Artists. Workshops are a collaborative experience between the young artists and professional theatre practitioners. Final performances for younger age groups are based on devised works, while older age groups work on a mixture of devised works and existing texts.

Do you fall under the Australian Government Child Care Benefit Scheme?

We are not a child care provider and do not fall under the Australian Government Child Care Benefit Scheme.

Are you an eligible NDIS provider?

We are not a registered NDIS provider, however we have participants who participate in our workshops as part of their NDIS plan.

Do your workshops run by terms or semesters?

Our workshop programs run by semester and are in line with ACT school dates. The start and finish dates for our workshops are displayed in each individual workshop description. Workshops do not run over school holidays, or on public holidays. We do however run Holiday Workshops during a period of school holidays.

If my child hasn’t done a workshop before can they join this semester?

Yes, each semester is a unique program, and caters for experienced and new participants.

How do I know if my child/I will like your workshops?

You could try a short-term workshop such as our Holiday Program, or get in touch with our office to view an end of semester performance. If you’re still uncertain, you may be able to trial the first workshop of the semester, providing the workshop is not full. Give us a call to discuss further.

What is your cancellation policy?


If you need to withdraw from weekly workshops, we can offer a refund if it is within the first three weeks of the workshop program. This will be a pro-rata refund less an administration fee of $25 per enrolment. We are unable to provide refunds for withdrawals after week three of the first term.

For full year enrolments, if you need to withdraw for semester two, we can offer a refund of the semester two fees if you withdraw prior to the commencement of the semester. This will be pro-rata refunded at the semester enrolment rate, less an administration fee of $25 per enrolment. We are unable to provide refunds for withdrawals after the commencement of semester two.

Even if you are paying term by term, your enrolment is still for a full semester. You are required to pay for both terms, even if you withdraw from the workshop after week three.


We are able to provide refunds for withdrawals from Holiday Programs up to 7 days prior to the start date.


We are able to provide refunds for withdrawals from Masterclasses up to 14 days prior to the start date. 


If a workshop is cancelled by us, the customer will be fully refunded. 

In the rare event that an individual workshop session is cancelled, the cost of that session will be refunded pro rata, or credited towards future enrolments with us.

Are there any membership fees?

All fees are included in your enrolment. Everyone who enrols and attends a workshop is considered to be a non-voting member of Canberra Youth Theatre for that calendar year. 

If you are not enrolled in a workshop program, but are participating in a production, you will need to pay a Production Participation fee. You can do so here.

As a parent, can I come and sit in on the workshop program?

If a participant has any access requirements, we will accommodate them as much as possible. If the participant does not have any access requirements, it is our policy that parents are to remain outside the workshop because:

  • It is the participants’ time to be creative with their peers.
  • It can be disruptive to the learning and creative process having non-participants in the space.
  • It can introduce an element of performance when the group is focused on exploration and development.
  • Some participants may become introverted or self-conscious with either parents or others watching on.
  • All of our staff undergo a Working With Vulnerable Persons (WWVP) Clearance.

If your child is nervous, you are welcome to wait outside the workshop so that they can find you easily. We have an End of Semester Performance for family and friends to see the progress of their child in the program.

Which workshop is right for my child?

Our workshops are grouped by the year they are enrolled in at their school. For primary, either Years 1-3 or 4-6. For secondary, either 7-9 or 10-12. All participants must be seven years old on the first day of their workshop. It is important that all young artists are enrolled in the appropriate ensemble for their age in order to challenge and further develop their performance skills.

How does Canberra Youth Theatre assign Workshop Artists to workshops?

Workshop Artists are appointed by the Artistic Director based on their skills and expertise within a professional theatre setting, as well as their experience working with young people. 

Once workshops have begun

What should we wear and bring to a workshop?

Participants should wear comfortable clothing they can move around in, and bring a drink bottle.

What happens if my child will be absent from a workshop?

If you or your child will be absent from a workshop, please contact our office by phone on (02) 6248 5057 or email programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au as early as possible so we can let the Workshop Artist know. 

Although some absences are unavoidable, it is important that all participants do their very best to attend all workshop sessions. In order for every member of the group to get the most out of their experience at Canberra Youth Theatre, we require commitment to weekly attendance.

As a parent, when can I see my child perform during workshops?

We hold end of semester performances at the following times: 

  • For workshops at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, during the second last week of each semester. 
  • For workshops at Belconnen Arts Centre and in schools, during the last week of each semester.

These are generally during the regular workshop times and are a wonderful opportunity to see the progress of your young artist.

Performances may be adjusted according to social distancing advice in line with our COVID Safe plan.

How do I provide feedback about workshops?

If you have any questions regarding the enrolment process, or if you have feedback about our workshops, please put it in writing to programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au and we will get back to you within three working days. If it is urgent, please call our office on 02 6248 5057.

Safety & Privacy

Are workshops COVID Safe?

All our workshops operate in line with government social distancing requirements and our COVID Safe Plan. 

Are your staff / volunteers screened, background checked and child safe trained?

All staff and volunteers at Canberra Youth Theatre must hold a valid Working with Vulnerable People card, or equivalent from other jurisdictions. In the unlikely event that a volunteer does not meet this requirement, there will be a member of staff present at all times during their interaction with young people, in line with the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (the WWVP Act).

You can view our Child Safe Policy here. 



All staff and volunteers are subject to reference checks prior to engagement at Canberra Youth Theatre.


From January 2021, all staff and volunteers engaged by Canberra Youth Theatre will be given specific child safety training. This training module will be reviewed yearly, and additional training will be provided to all staff where necessary.

Do you have a child safe policy and code of conduct?

Canberra Youth Theatre is committed to the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

You can view our full Child Safe Policy here.

How do you go about involving children in the decision making process?

Canberra Youth Theatre gets young people involved in the decision making process through our Young Artist Advisory Panel (YAAP). We take expressions of interest year round from young artists involved in the Canberra Youth Theatre community. You can express your interest by emailing programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au. If a young artist would like to contact a member of the panel to raise an issue on their behalf they can email programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au. Canberra Youth Theatre encourages an open door policy with our core staff. If you or your young people wish to speak to us, please visit us in the office during business hours.

Additionally, all young artists at Canberra Youth Theatre are involved directly in the decision making process in their workshops through collaborations, consultations, feedback and other mechanisms. Young people are encouraged to pitch ideas for workshops and other programs directly to Canberra Youth Theatre. 

How and where do you store my data?

Canberra Youth Theatre complies with the Australian Privacy ACT (1988) and the associated Australian Privacy Principles

Canberra Youth Theatre is moving to be a paperless office. The majority of physical paperwork pre 2020 has been digitised, and is stored securely on the company’s Google Drive. More information on Google Drive’s privacy policy can be found here. Post 2020 paperwork is all digital, and stored on the company’s Google Drive.

Canberra Youth Theatre uses Netier as our server backup. Information on their privacy and data storage policies can be found here

Canberra Youth Theatre uses the booking system TicketSearch. TicketSearch systems are hosted in Australia.  They store information on Amazon Web Services. TicketSearch complies with the Australian Privacy Act (1988) and the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme (Part IIIC of the Privacy Act 1988). TicketSearch complies with the Payment Card Industry Standard (“PCI”). Additional information on TicketSeach’s privacy policy can be found here. Payments made through TicketSearch are processed through SecurePay. SecurePay is managed by AusPost, and their privacy policy can be found here

Attendance is taken through MyAttendanceTracker, and their privacy policy can be accessed here.

Canberra Youth Theatre uses Mailchimp for EDMs, surveys and other mass communications with our mailing list. Mailchimp’s privacy policy can be found here.

How does a child make a complaint and what is your process for responding?

If a young artist or the parent of a young artist feels the need to make a complaint, they can contact the Child Safety Officer by email (programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au), by phone (02 6248 5057) or in-person during office hours. The Child Safety Officer is the Program Administrator.

When a complaint is received by email, a receipt email will be sent by the next office day. The complaint will be investigated, and where appropriate, the General Manager or Artistic Director will be involved in the investigation. All complaints will be logged using an accident and incident report. All complaints will be investigated and responded to in a reasonable timeframe.

Canberra Youth Theatre is not covered by the ACT’s Reportable Conduct or Mandatory Reporting Schemes. However, we have a moral obligation to act on the behaviours and complaints addressed by both the Reportable Conduct and Mandatory Reporting Schemes as Voluntary Reporters. Where Reportable Conduct is involved, an independent investigator may be engaged. Where a voluntary reporter has concerns, a Child Concern Report may be filed with Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS). Where a Mandatory Reportable complaint is made, this will be forwarded directly to ACT Policing and / or to Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS). As outlined by ACT Government Community Services (September 2019), “All adults in our community have a responsibility to report to CYPS if they believe or suspect a child may be at risk of abuse or neglect… In addition, all adults in our community must report to the Police if they believe child sexual abuse has occurred.” 

Where Canberra Youth Theatre is contracted by a designated entity such as a School or Out of School Hours Care, and offers a program such as Workshop by Design, Holiday Workshop or weekly workshop, (ie, not as a hirer at a school), Canberra Youth Theatre is considered an employee of the designated entity. In this instance, the designated entity would need to report allegations about Canberra Youth Theatre staff, if they were to arise.

You can view our full Child Safe Policy here.

What happens if we go back into lockdown?

For lockdown or partial lockdown of 4 weeks or less, the workshop will be held online. Thanks to the support of ACT Community Services, Canberra Youth Theatre is equipped with a digital workshop station enabling workshop to go ahead online with the best quality.

Our Workshop Artists undergo training to up-skill their online practices to the best standard in Australia. While we all prefer face to face theatre, continuity is important for both the artistic exploration of the term and young artists wellbeing.

If a lockdown is required for more than 4 weeks, individual class assessments will be made based on age and group dynamic to decide if the workshop will be kept online or cancelled.

Covid Safety

Are workshops COVID Safe?

Canberra Youth Theatre will be setting workshop numbers based on the ACT Government’s Pathway Forward, along with venue specific information (Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre; Belconnen Arts Centre; and the ACT Education Directorate).

All our workshops operate in line with government social distancing requirements and our COVID Safe Plan. 

What happens if we go into lockdown?

In the event that Canberra goes into lockdown, your workshop will be delivered online. Further details will be emailed should this occur.

Should this occur, our Workshop Artists will deliver engaging, innovative and inspirational programs, leaning into the medium of Zoom to use the unique opportunities this format offers, until we can be back in the room together.

My child is unwell, or has been in contact with a COVID-19 carrier. Can they still attend the workshop?

All participants will be required to stay home if they feel unwell. If a participant arrives at a workshop and is exhibiting any symptoms, their parent/guardian will be called to collect them immediately. You must stay at home if experiencing any symptoms of illness or have contact with a COVID-19 carrier.

Do you offer hybrid delivery?

No, Canberra Youth Theatre does not offer hybrid delivery.

Does my child need to wear a mask to their workshop?

Canberra Youth Theatre will be following all ACT Health guidelines, mandates and requirements as set by the ACT government. This will include any face mask requirements, as necessary. Read ACT Health’s full face mask requirements here, including instructions on how to correctly wear a face mask.

Does my child need to sign in using the Check In CBR app?

Participants 16 and over must sign in to the venue using the Check In CBR app. More details are available here. If participants over the age of 16 are unable to sign in using the Check In CBR app, Canberra Youth Theatre staff will be able to sign participants in.

My child attends a school workshop

Canberra Youth Theatre will follow all directions from the  ACT Education Directorate Plan for Public Schools

Money & Payment

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, if you enrol two or more siblings at once into one of our workshop programs you are entitled to receive our Sibling Discount. The Sibling Discount takes 5% off each participant’s workshop fee.

I am experiencing financial hardship. Do you have scholarships or other ways to help?

Canberra Youth Theatre is proud to work with a number of organisations, including ACT Together, CREATE Foundation, Canberra Refugee Support and The Companion House to offer scholarships to our weekly workshop programs. We also offer open scholarships to individuals and families in the Canberra Region. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact our office on 02 6248 5057 to discuss your options. 

Do you run classes on public holidays?

We do not run classes on public holidays, and these are not included in your fees.

Access & Disability Needs

Canberra Youth Theatre is committed to diversity and inclusion within our community. We acknowledge that some of the best art comes from working with artists from a range of backgrounds and abilities. Check out our page on access, and if you have any questions please email programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au or call the office on 02 6248 5057.