Workshops By Design

Canberra Youth Theatre’s Workshops By Design offer students a practical experience of drama, performance and theatre making within the school environment. These custom-designed workshops bring a professional theatre artist to your school to enliven and engage your students across a range of topics and arts practices.

Our experienced workshop artists deliver collaborative, challenging and creative curriculum-focused workshops either at your school, at Gorman Arts Centre, or digitally streamed live into your classroom. With specialist artists across the Canberra region, we deliver high-quality programs to a wide range of ages, year groups and curriculum topics.

Choose from one of the Workshops By Design programs below, or get in touch and we’ll be happy to design a workshop to suit you!

For more information, contact programs@canberrayouththeatre.com.au


Australian Theatre

Students will explore the works of some of Australia’s leading playwrights that explore the evolving identities, cultures and ideas in Australian society. This program will look at a range of theatrical techniques and dramatic conventions used by Australian theatre practitioners, both historical and developing, to explore how theatre continues to shape and reflect values and attitudes of Australian society. This program can be tailored to focus on specific texts being studied at school.


From Commedia dell’Arte to stand-up, melodrama to the TV sit-com, this practical workshop will expose students to the many facets of comedy in performance. Students will experience  experiment with a range of theatrical styles and comic techniques such as farce, satire, status and comic timing. This workshop will explore the actor-audience relationship of performing comedy, look at different comic scripts, styles and practitioners, and give students the skills and confidence to create their own comedy performances.

Screen Acting

Discover the essentials of acting for the screen. Students will build confidence performing to the camera, explore the actor-camera relationship, shoot a scene, watch it back and critically analyse their performance. This program will introduce students to a variety of techniques across a range of genres, such as drama, comedy, commercials and tv presenting. Students will also be introduced to on-set technical skills, such as camera angles, eye-lines and marks, and apply these skills to the unique challenge of acting for the screen in an engaging and supportive environment.

Verbatim Theatre

A practical workshop that will provide students with tools to create Verbatim Theatre, using current affairs as stimulus for the development of original works, exploring transcripts and audio recordings to create performance. This program investigates elements of Verbatim theatre practices, discusses the creative and social challenges of putting the voices and stories of a community on stage. 

  • Creating a Theatre Production
  • Design for Performance
  • Devising an Ensemble Production
  • Directing
  • Monologues and Auditions
  • Musical Theatre
  • Physical Theatre
  • Playwriting
  • Shakespeare
  • Theatre for Young People
  • Tragedy
  • Voice and Movement


  • Creating Characters
  • Creative Play and Storytelling
  • Devising and Playbuilding
  • Improvisation
  • Interpreting and Performing Texts
  • Voice and Movement