October The Department of Responsible Adulting Created by Canberra Youth Theatre


Your coffee tastes like Milo.
Your manager is sleeping off a sugar-crash.
How did your tie get stapled to your desk?
And why is everything sticky?

You arrive at work, the same as any other day – but something’s off. Your office, your team, your department have all been taken over by young people: welcome to The Department of
Responsible Adulting

The leaders of tomorrow have run out of patience and are running the employee evaluation of a lifetime: How well do you think you’re adulting? Who put you in charge? What makes you so sure you’re even cut out for the job?

Commandeering a real office space in Canberra, this site-specific interactive performance reverses the power dynamic between adult and child, taking audiences into the belly of a new public service run entirely by children.

The Department of Responsible Adulting is an inventive, anarchic, immersive new work created by Canberra Youth Theatre that will promote intergenerational conversations and empower young people. Literally. They have lanyards.


To be announced

Creative Team

Key Artists
Claire Granata
Luke Rogers
Sophie Tallis

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body. 


Phone: 0262485057


An office building,
Somewhere in Canberra
More details to be announced soon