8 April 2018 Filtered

Why do I like eating Weetabix? Why is it easier to make friends in kindy? Why can’t boys wear dresses? Why do I put my right shoe on before my left? Are monsters real? Can you come back from the dead? Why were we given hearts? What happens when we die? Why do I exist?

Filtered tries to answer all the questions we’ve ever wanted answered between the ages 7 – 12 years old. Artists have interrogated these ideas and created a work that contrasts the questions and answers with physicality: through balancing, juggling and physical support. It has been devised over a series of rehearsals with the cast, co-directors and a guest artist, physical theatre performer, Pablo Latona.


Aya Yehezkel
Bryn Cronin
Cynthia Jean Amaranth Graham
Dominik Cheyne-Dobrowolski
Finn Michael Kelly
Isla Moore
Jade Breen
Kaitlyn Zorzi
Lewis Moore
Miles Bray
Millie Alston-Campbell
Nina Gardiner-Catanzariti
Nina Moran
Tennesha Conteh

Creative Team

Co-Director Katie Cawthorne
Co-Director Anna Johnstone
Guest Artist Pablo Latona
Lighting and Sound Technician Ethan Hamill



Sunday 2:45pm & 3:30pm


Ralph Wilson Theatre
Gorman Arts Centre
Batman Street, Braddon


40 minutes , no interval