1 – 3 September 2016 Antigone – The Greek Project

In order to keep humanity moving forward, we need to think bigger than ourselves.

Canberra Youth Theatre’s Company Ensemble presents an adaptation of the Greek classic Antigone, a story that examines power versus morality, passion versus indifference and the varying states of human thinking during crisis.

Using physical theatre influenced by traditional Greek theatrical tropes, this work will shock its audience as it reminds them of the lengths to which humans will go, without empathy.

“Their performance skills do much to affirm the quality of actors coming from Canberra Youth Theatre’s brilliant program.” – Trevar Alan Chilver – Foyer Talk


Antigone Kitty Malam
Ismene Stefanie Lekkas
Antigone Anima Mia Tuco
Creon Richard Cotta
Sentry Thomas Misfud
Haemon Alexander Castello
Tiresias Isha Menon

Creative Team

Directors Katie Cawthorne and Alison Plevey
Stage Design Kate Llewellyn
Stage Manager Claudia Howarth
Assistant Stage Manager Brynn Somerville
Lighting Ethan Hamill, William Malam
Sound Loren Nimmo, Xavier Izzard
Additional Lighting Design Gillian Schwab
Additional Sound Design Kimmo Vennonen
Technical Effects Stephen Crossley
Make Up Design Casey Elder



Thursday – Saturday 7:00pm


C Block Theatre
Gorman Arts Centre
Batman Street, Braddon


60 minutes , no interval