Canberra Youth Theatre says “Yes”.

Canberra Youth Theatre supports voting YES in the upcoming referendum on The Voice to Parliament.

For over 50 years, Canberra Youth Theatre has advocated for the voice of young Australians, and amplified them through the work that we create. We believe that at the heart of our nation’s identity and culture should be the voice of our First Peoples who have lived sustainably here for over 65,000 years.

We believe that The Voice will represent an important step toward a more just and equitable Australia: one that can compassionately acknowledge its past, and determine a positive vision of its future. The referendum is an opportunity for this generation of Australians to make a strong statement for the rights of First Nations peoples for generations to come, and assert the value of connection for every Australian to the unbroken culture of this country.

Canberra Youth Theatre strongly advocates for The Voice, and encourages everyone to take responsibility to inform themselves, treat one another with empathy and respect in any debate on this issue, and work to create a better future together.