12-14 October 2017 Versions of Us

That time you broke up with me in a text message. That time when I got kicked out of Big W for trying on every single pair of shoes. That time I felt invisible to everyone. That time when my best friend came out as gay. That time when I had no idea who Dakota Fanning was. That time when I said sorry and didn’t mean it. That time when I didn’t know how to talk to my girlfriend outside of snapchat. That time when I had no idea who I wanted to be anymore. That time when I decided to start telling the truth.

Canberra Youth Theatre presents a fictional work by award winning Canberra playwright Emily Sheehan. The script has been developed over a series of creative developments with the cast, directors and playwright. The piece is based on both fact and fiction from the cast’s lives, exploring the many different identities they have as teenagers, according to who’s around them.

Creative Team

Co-Director  Jess Baker
Co-Director  Jamie Winbank
Stage Manager  Ketura Budd
Lighting  Jayden Beattie
Sound  Ethan Hamill
Set Construction and Technical Support  Stephen Crossley
Additional Sound Designer  Kimmo Vennonen
Emerging Writer  Mel-Annie Turner-Carlin


Jett Aplin
Amelia Gilling
Jack Hubner
Amy McAllister
Isobel Mills
Charlotte Palmer
Erin Pierlot
Elektra Spencer
Ted Stewart
Anna Wilford
Mark Zatschler
Kiah Zeller





Ainslie Arts Centre,
Elouera Street, Braddon


60 minutes, No Interval