2 April 2016 The 24 Hour Butoh Project

A brief but intensive training and devising program of performance work for 7-12 year olds. Those involved learnt skills primarily based in physical work, learning to trust and engage with the physical connection between their imagination and body. The piece itself was developed over one day and performed that evening, all based around ‘human connection and disconnection’.


Alex Brown
Arabella McDonald
Asha Cardillo
Bryn Cronin
Charlotte Miller
Eve Hunter
Indigo Cianchi
Jade Breen
Jasper Geach
Lillian Hanlan
Lucca Paini
Morgan Cronin
Nancy Wambach
Nina Magee
Oscar Micklethwait
Rune Valkyrie

Creative Team

Butoh Specialist Noa Rotem
Director Katie Cawthorne
Assistant Director Errenn Ball
Lighting Zachary Watson
Sound Katie Cawthorne
Mentor Yarno Rohling



C Block Theatre
Gorman Arts Centre
Batman Street, Braddon


60 minutes , no interval