12 – 15 September 2018 Fading by Laura Lethlean

Next year? There are a lot of options- Keep studying, of course- A lot of options- No one recommends I stop- What are the options? I think I’m just going to- Save up and go travelling- Apply for the top three- Uni- that’s what I’m aiming for- Right now? Mum wants me to- I don’t really know if I’m even going to want to- Nothing too intense, you know- It’s all a bit- I ‘m going to move out and then…I just need to finish year 12 and then I can- All a bit up in the air at the moment.

Fading looks at all that is expected of you when you turn 18 – career chosen, mature decision making, clear future goals, established identity, stable relationships, unchanging sexuality, autonomy. It explores the effect of these expectations upon the individual, the pressure that comes with becoming an adult and the grief of the childhood left behind.

Fading is post dramatic in its form, utilising dialogue alongside unnatural physicality to emphasise the challenges experienced as the individual navigates the shift from being a child to becoming an adult. The work itself asks the question “when do you become an adult?” and “how do you become an adult?”.

Melbourne based playwright Laura Lethlean has scripted the work in collaboration with the cast through a series of creative developments.

“Fading is the unabashed voice of the tribe. It will resonate with the force of recollection, at times nostalgic, at times fearful, at times courageous and independent. Those of the tribe in the audience will identify. Those who have passed through and survived will empathise and all will reflect on the fading of the times and the experience.” – Peter Wilkins, Canberra Critics Circle


Alex Castello
Jett Chudleigh
Jemma Collins
Aram Geleris
Taylor Geoffroy
Jamie Johnston
Yarno Rohling
Elektra Spencer

Creative Team

Director Katie Cawthorne
Assistant Director Stefanie Lekkas
Emerging Lighting Designer / Stage Manager Ethan Hamill
Technical Theatre Team Lachlan McEwen, Kat Carrington
Additional Sound Design Kimmo Vennonen
Scenic Artwork Kate Llewellyn
Technical Support Stephen Crossley



Wednesday – Saturday 7:30pm
Saturday 2:00pm


The Courtyard Studio
Canberra Theatre Centre
Civic Square, London Circuit


15 minutes , no interval