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General workshop information

What does a Canberra Youth Theatre workshop look like?

Canberra Youth Theatre is a theatre company that creates works by young people, under the direction of professional theatre practitioners. Our workshops are specifically targeted for young people who are interested in developing skills in theatre performance and production. We are not a child care provider and do not fall under the Australian Government Child Care Benefit Scheme.

Do your workshops run by terms or semesters?

Our workshop programs run by semester and are in line with ACT school terms. The start and finish dates for our workshops are displayed in each individual workshop description.

If my child hasn’t done a Semester One workshop can they do Semester Two?

Yes, each semester is a unique program.

How do I know if my child/I will like drama workshops?

We often run  Taster Workshops at the beginning of each year. Alternatively, you could try a short-term workshop such as our Holiday Program, or get in touch with our office to view an end of semester performance.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to withdraw from classes, we can offer a refund if it is within the first three weeks of the workshop program. This will be a pro-rata refund less an administration fee of $25 per enrolment.  We are unable to provide refunds or waive invoices for withdrawals after week three. We are unable to provide refunds for withdrawals from Holiday Workshops. We are able to provide refunds for withdrawals from Masterclasses up to 14 days prior to the start date. In case of a workshop cancelled by us, the customer will be fully refunded. Membership fees are not refundable, except if purchased in link with a workshop cancelled by us.

As a parent, can I come and sit in on the workshop program?

If a participant has any access requirements, we will accommodate them as much as possible. If the participant does not have any access requirements, it is our policy that parents are to remain outside the workshop because:

  • It is the participants’ time to be creative with their peers.
  • It can be disruptive to the learning and creative process having non-participants in the space.
  • It can introduce an element of performance when the group is focused on exploration and development.
  • Some participants may become introverted or self-conscious with either parents or ‘strangers’ watching on.
  • All of our staff undergo a Working With Vulnerable Persons (WWVP) Clearance.

If your child is nervous, you are welcome to wait just outside the workshop so that they can find you easily. We have an End of Semester Performance for parents and friends to see the progress of their child in the program.

Which workshop is right for my child?

Our workshops are grouped by the year they are enrolled in at their school. For primary, either Years 1-3 or 4-6. For secondary, either 7-9 or 10-12. All participants must be seven years old on the first day of their workshop. It is important that all young artists are enrolled in the appropriate ensemble for their age in order to challenge and further develop their performance skills.

How does Canberra Youth Theatre assign Workshop Artists to workshops?

Workshop Artists are appointed by the Artistic Director based on their skills and expertise within the professional theatre setting, as well as their experience working with young people. As our Workshop Artists being professional artists in their own right, each semester they indicate their availability which then informs our scheduling for all our workshops across the company.  

Do Canberra Youth Theatre Workshop Artists have to have a current Working With Vulnerable People clearance?

Yes, all staff employed by Canberra Youth Theatre involved in working with our young artists must hold a current Working With Vulnerable People clearance.

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